Save Money and Buy a Whole Cooked Ham When on Sale

Fully Cooked Boneless Toupie Ham

The best ham to purchase so that it is suitable for all occasions is a Toupie Ham. The name is derived from a French word meaning a spinning top. The ham resembles the shape of this kind of top because of the narrowing at both ends.

At one time, this kind of ham consisted of the entire leg together with bone and a thick layer of fat. These days, there is a process by which the leg meat is deboned and then prepared with only a thin layer of outside fat. It is fully cooked and in many regions it is referred to as a toupie ham.

Preparing a Fully Cooked Ham

Once you have brought home your whole fully cooked boneless ham, it is time to cut it up into various meals. Set out a sharp knife, freezer bags, cling wrap, a couple of large plates and a plastic cutting board.

The ham is sealed in a thick plastic which has to be removed. Do this in your sink as often some liquid escapes. Once you have done that, place it on your cutting board and you are ready to divide the ham.

How to Cut your Whole Ham into Serving Pieces

  • Make your first cut through the length of your ham. You now have two long halves. Take one of the halves and divide it in two or three portions, depending on family size, and bag each in a freezer bag for later use.
  • From the second half, cut off about an inch or two from each end and set aside.
  • The rest of it can now be sliced into very thin slices for sandwiches and somewhat thicker for ham steaks. It is your choice as to how much you wish to prepare for each.
  • Once you have it all sliced up, get ready to package it.
  • I usually use the cling wrap and place enough ham for one sandwich. I then take these numerous packages and place them in a freezer bag and label it for `Ham Sandwiches`.
  • Similarly, I wrap each of the thicker slices separately in the cling wrap, and then place the wrapped packages in a freezer back labelled as `Ham Steaks`.
  • The end pieces that you have set aside can be cut into smaller pieces and bagged into a couple of smaller freezer bags and labelled `Breakfast Ham`.

Uses for the Ham Portions

If you enjoy ham dinners, you now have enough for 2 or 3 special ham delights. Although this ham is ready to eat, cooking it enhances the flavour. You can bake it but thaw it first if it is frozen. Or you can take the frozen ham and simmer it in water till it heats through. My preference is the latter since it remains moist and somewhat reduces the salt content of the ham.

Your packaged slices make great ham steaks. Once thawed, add a glaze of brown sugar and mustard and bake till they are heated through. You can also use these slices for a hardy breakfast of ham and eggs. Depending on your family size and allocation of the slices, you will be able to enjoy many dinners and breakfasts.

There is nothing as good as a ham sandwich. Those individually wrapped packages are ideal. Simply defrost quickly in your microwave. The ham will be a bit moist so blot it with a paper towel so it does not make your bread soggy. Add your favourite condiments and enjoy many good ham sandwich lunches.

The ends that you saved and cut up into small pieces can be used in a Denver omelette or in a pea soup.

Calculate your Savings

Prices vary across the country. Once you have checked the price of ham steaks, shaved ham and dinner hams in your region, you will see that you have made substantial savings.

In addition, you have many ham options available in your freezer for breakfasts, lunch or dinner.

A bit of planning, smart shopping and preparation makes all the difference in terms of saving money and time.

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